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Breakfast Topic: What is your favorite holiday?


The Feast of Winter Veil is nice and Brewfest is fun (though a disappointment over last year's), but my favorite holiday this year in Azeroth is Hallow's End. The Midsummer Fire Festival is a close second, mind you. It was fun and profitable. But Hallow's End has better lore and better accessories.

Sure, I love my dancing flames chickie, but my Rickety Magic Broom is the best thing ever -- and it's only temporary. The masks, the candy, the pumpkin heads -- it's just fun.

Of course, it's not really fair to compare Hallow's End to the other holidays, in a way. Along with this event is a new patch with overpowered classes, underpowered mobs and the best thing added to WoW since it's inception: Achievements. I mean, you get an Achievement for throwing pumpkins at people! How cool is that?

Ok, Ok, I'm a fangirl. I'm a fan of the real life holiday as well as in-game events in general, so I'm extremely biased and perhaps a bit over-exuberant. But I know some of you are with me, right?

What is your favorite in-game holiday? Or do you find these events to be an annoyance or at best a distraction?

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