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DirecTV drops in HD locals for Colorado Springs-Pueblo, CO / Dayton, OH

Darren Murph

DirecTV customers that have been surviving with an SD feed of KOAA (NBC), KKTV (CBS) and KXRM (FOX) in Colorado Springs-Pueblo can finally rejoice. We're here to inform you that you won't have to spend yet another long, lonely winter without 30 Rock in high-def. As of today, the satcaster has delivered those three locals in high-def to the aforesaid DMA, which brings the grand total to 103 cities across the United States. You've still got 18 to go before the year's out to meet that goal of 121 locales this year, DirecTV -- the clock's ticking!

Update: Looks like DirecTV delivered all four of the broadcast networks today in Dayton, Ohio. 'Grats!

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