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Film vs Digital, told through the story of Mr Pixel and Mrs Grain

Ben Drawbaugh

The film vs digital debate is one of our favorites. It is easily as interesting as plasma vs LCD or 1080i vs 720p, but has much more history. In today's LCD age where some don't want things to look real, but instead would prefer unrealistically bright colors, it can be hard for some people to understand what there is to appreciate about grain. In fact these same people would probably always say that the word grain, is a bad word. True movie fans know better though and almost laugh when someone proclaims Planet Earth is the best looking Blu-ray Disc ever. So while we've never been really good at explaining what is so great about film, we really got a kick out of Mr Pixel and Mrs Grain, which is three short video clips that explain the benefits of both mediums in a fun way. So if you've always wondered what others see if film, or just looking for some laughs, click on through.

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