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PixelJunk Monsters, Encore updates on Oct. 30


Q-Games isn't reinventing the wheel, it's just slapping on a new set of tires, as PixelJunk Monsters and Encore expansion updates hit PSN next week. The October 30th patches will add Trophies and variable difficulties (including a "casual" mode), as promised, but the free upgrades don't stop there. In addition, the tower selection menu will be tweaked (with an option to set the default action), the Ice and Tesla Towers will be re-balanced for the original island, custom soundtracks will be supported, and YouTube uploading has been added (up to 10 minutes of gameplay -- videos can also be stored in the XMB's video folder). Now, about online co-op ...

If you fancy another go with these exciting details -- only this time in Dylan Cuthbert's drab British accent -- then by all means, head for the video preview after the break!

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