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Sony Ericsson says UIQ is teh sux, probably doesn't bode well for platform's future

Chris Ziegler

As part of its coverage of the Symbian Smartphone Show going down right now in London, All About Symbian is reporting that Sony Ericsson's Patrick Olson has declared UIQ "dead." Seeing how SE has always been UIQ's biggest proponent in the face of the much larger, much more influential S60, those are harsh, biting words that probably spell doom for the platform -- especially in light of the recent layoffs and integration with the Symbian Foundation as they push toward a single, unified Symbian stack. For what it's worth, there's no indication that Moto has given up on it, having just recently released the UIQ-powered Z10, but since when can Moto singlehandedly save a platform -- especially when they refuse to release the devices globally?

[Via GSMArena]

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