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This is Halloween... or Witching Night, if you're in WAR

Adrian Bott

We've seen a few protestations here and there that there won't be any Halloween event in Warhammer Online. Not so! Associate producer Mark Davis has provided some juicy details, along with a lot of other inside information on some of the game's narrative twists and turns on the PvE side. It's not all kill ten of this and deliver that to the other: being tied to the stake and set alight will probably be a new MMO experience for most players.

Halloween in the Warhammer universe is known as Witching Night, a time when the divisions between worlds grow thin (or thinner) and the power of the Purple Wind of Magic waxes strong. In the RvR areas, there will be boss monsters roaming around, laden with choice loot and looking for players to mash to a pulp. As they'll be in the skirmish areas, the opportunity technically exists for Order and Destruction to fight against the supernatural foes jointly, though this is about as likely as the two sides declaring a ceasefire and playing football with a dwarf head. There will also be some purely PvE monster encounters planned for Witching Night, but Mark Davis is keeping us all in the dark about those for now.

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