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Ask Engadget: What's the most reliable wireless router?

Darren Murph

The latest question to fly into our Ask Engadget mailbox (which is ask at engadget dawt com, for those unaware) concerns wireless routers. But not just any wireless router. We're talking wireless routers that offer up rock solid reliability day after day, transfer after transfer.

"What is the best wireless router in terms of reliability? I know that question has been covered before, but most people just answer with whatever router they own. I've had issues with routers. Gone through three Netgears and a Linksys that after a certain amount of time cease to hold a decent connection. I'm wondering if people know of a solid router that might be a little less mainstream."

Who better to ask about the underground WiFi router scene than Engadget readers, right? Help this poor fellow out -- one more dropped connection whilst racking up frags and he's going to have a catastrophic meltdown.

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