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Bryston's $500 BR2 remote, complete with 20-year warranty

Steven Kim

Just because your Bryston BCD-1 CD player was assembled by loving human hands doesn't mean it can only be operated by hand. Thanks to the company's BR2 remote control, your other Bryston preamplifiers, integrated amps and DACs can be controlled (more or less) as well. The remote is constructed to typical Bryston standards out of milled aluminum and comes in either black or silver. We like Bryston gear, but we'll pass on this remote with its array of identical buttons (not sure if they're backlit, either) and keep the $500 -- for that kind of money, we expect more control over the SP2 preamp/processor than volume and mute controls. But if you've been looking for an heirloom-quality remote control, this just might be the thing for you, so check out the full press release after the break.

Peterborough, Ontario October 21st, 2008
Bryston, LTD has announced the introduction of the BR2 multifunction remote control, designed to give consumers total control of the Bryston BCD-1 CD player, the Bryston BDA-1 outboard DAC, as well as Bryston's integrated amplifiers and preamplifiers. Bryston product applications follow:

  • BCD-1 CD Player – all functions
  • BDA-1 External DAC – all functions
  • BP-6 Preamplifier – volume/mute only
  • BP-16 Preamplifier – all functions
  • BP-26/25 Preamplifier – volume/mute/phase only
  • SP-2 Preamplifier – volume/mute only
  • B-60R Integrated Amplifier – volume/mute only
  • B-100 Integrated Amplifier – all functions
"We had been in the process of designing an elegant remote just for the BDA-1 outboard DAC, when we realized that many consumers who purchase the DAC are likely to own other Bryston components," reported Bryston Sales VP James Tanner. "It was our goal to embed control functions of our other products into the BR2, creating one elegant solution that provides both control and convenience from a single device." The BR2 is made from milled aluminum, is
available in either black or silver, and is backed by Bryston's legendary 20 year warranty. The BR2 has an MSRP of $500 (US dollars) and is available now.

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