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Castlevania, Lost in Blue out next year in Europe


We're not sure whether this counts as a delay, as we don't recall either of these titles being given a release date in the first place, but Konami has now confirmed that Europe won't see Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia or Lost in Blue 3 until 2009. With any luck, we'll still be getting Time Hollow when promised.

We Euro folk can probably all agree to bide our time for Lost in Blue 3 -- especially after the reception it got -- but no Castlevania for at least another 70 days? Noooooo! Considering we have vampires for real here in Europe, we must question the wisdom of not letting us getting some Dracula-whupping practice in at the earliest possible date.


Like Castlevania? We do -- to an embarrassing degree. Check out our impressions of Order of Ecclesia from E3, settle in for a trailer, or go Behind the Boxart with a Konami graphic designer. But enough talk -- have at you!

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