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EA: Dead Space, Army of Two, Bad Company sequels in the works


Variety writes that during an interview with EA Games president Frank Gibeau and EA Redwood Shores general manager Glenn Schofield, the duo spoke openly of plans for sequels to both Dead Space and Army of Two. According to the report, EA is also planning a direct follow-up to Battlefield: Bad Company.

Given the (so far) generally sterling reviews of Dead Space, combined with internal enthusiasm about the IP, a sequel to the sci-fi shock-fest isn't exactly a surprise. Neither is Bad Company, which has both reviewed and sold rather well. Army of Two is the head-scratcher, though. The game released to decent reviews, but was by no means a runaway hit. Still, anyone who's played it can see the potential for fleshing out some of its co-op concepts into a (hopefully better) sequel. Army of Two ... 2?

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