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Humax announces 320GB Freesat+ Foxsat-HDR for UK market

Darren Murph

Humax's FOXSAT-HD FreeSat receiver was perfectly fine for those with no need for timeshifting, but for the throngs of others who just can't live without some sort of DVR functionality, your day has finally come. The aforementioned company has today launched its Freesat+ Foxsat-HDR, which packs two FreeSat HD digital TV tuners (which can also access analog channels), support for radio / interactive channels, a 320GB hard drive for storing up to 80 hours of HD material or 200 hours of SD content and an HDMI port to boot. The downright sexy set-top-box also includes Dolby Digital audio output, two SCART sockets, a bundled remote, radio recording, split recording and the ability to "live pause" with instant rewind. Get ready to grab yours next month for £299 ($487).

[Via Digital Spy]

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