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LittleBigPlanet 1.01 patch adds costumes (leaves music)

We're pretty sure this news is of little use to most of you; after all, how many of you managed to snag a copy of LittleBigPlanet early before Sony decided to delay the game and strip out that potentially offensive track? While we're told a future update will remove Toumani Diabaté's "Tapha Niang" from the game – presumably before the game's new US release date of Oct. 27 – another patch is already available for the game.

Though this one leaves in the music, it adds new costumes, some unspecified online tweaks, and the ability to turn off the jetpack with the Circle button. Sure, you're not supposed to have the game yet but already Media Molecule is updating it, adding (totally non-offensive) costumes and what have you. Wait, is anyone offended by Old Snake?

Update: Patch 1.02 is out and -- you guessed it -- edits "Tapha Niang." Details here.

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