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Open RvR experience boosted even further in Warhammer Online

Adrian Bott

One of the most common criticisms of Warhammer Online is that many players seem to spend ages just grinding scenarios, while the open RvR areas - clearly meant to be heaving with Order and Destruction players going at it - are much less populated. Mark Jacobs recently announced that the WAR devs intend to 'boost RvR like crazy', and the rumblings have already begun.

The bonus XP for killing a player in an open RvR area, previously boosted by 50%, is now going to be boosted by 100%. Players killed in open RvR will thus be worth double the amount of XP of those killed in scenarios. As carrots on sticks go, that's a hefty carrot.

There's already been some tweaking done to the chat system to add region-wide and RvR-wide channels; presumably the next big thing to come to the RvR zones will be the boss monsters promised for Witching Night.
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