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Samsung commits to bringing TouchWiz to the US -- yeah, we know

Chris Ziegler

So Samsung just put out a press release this morning, buttering up a hungry American market for a promised onslaught of TouchWiz-enabled devices -- you know, that widget-based touchscreen interface that's been sweeping Samsung's international lineup by storm this year starting with the F480. The actual verbiage there is that Sammy expects to launch "several full touchscreen devices with TouchWiz technology in late 2008 and early 2009," and we're pretty sure we can nail at least three of those right off the bat: the a867 for AT&T, the T919 for T-Mobile, and the Omnia for Verizon. How'd we do, guys? Close? We were hoping all three of those would launch before the end of the year, but maybe -- just maybe -- there's something in the cards for Sprint, too.

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