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Samsung partners with Netflix: P2500 and P2550 Blu-ray players updated for free


And so the Netflix partnerships roll on. Netflix just reached a deal to stream Internet movies and TV over a pair of Samsung Blu-ray players. The first Sammy players to go Netflix are the $400 BD-P2500 and BD-P2550 with "a range of home entertainment products" expected to follow suit. Good news for those of you who already own these players as the Netflix update is a free download through Samsung support (link below). Videos added to Netflix members' instant queues from a PC are automatically displayed on Samsung's players and available to watch instantly -- the players' remote control allows you to fast-forward and rewind video and browse and rate movies directly from the TV... exactly like LG's Netflix-enabled BD300. Come now, you didn't think Samsung would let hometown rival, LG, have all the fun did you?

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