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MSNBC to go HD in the spring

Ben Drawbaugh

Evidently as much as MSNBC wanted to go HD in time for the big election push, it just didn't get done. We'd like to think that the fact that MSNBC isn't presented in HD is the reasons why it's behind both CNN and Fox News in ratings -- which have both been HD for some time -- but it's probably the content. Either way though, in the spring MSNBC will finally make the big upgrade. But what's more interesting is how important MSNBC's president, Phil Griffin, thinks HD is. In fact he said that "you better be in HD in the next year or so, because you have to be in that tier." Obviously we've been saying this for some time now, but it's refreshing to know that even network big wigs are on board with the rest of us HD snobs now.

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