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New Bikini Zombie Slayers footage is light on the bikinis, zombies, slaying


Sex sells. And the developers behind Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers know it, as their game features attractive ladies in sexy outfits. There's also something else in the game that rivals the popularity of hot chicks: lots and lots of carnage. Plus, there're zombies. And extras! There's a lot in this package, that's for sure.

This latest trailer for the game takes some CG cutscenes from the game and combines them into one new trailer. With a steamy shower scene, you'll also see some pre-rendered combat, as well as some sunglasses-wearing guy who likes to punch girls in the stomach. Come on, dude, hasn't your mother taught you anything? You're not supposed to hit a lady ...

Who's anxious to slice down some zombies with us in February?


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