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New Kodak OLED material promises longer life, better colors


Kodak has already managed to impress with its use of existing OLED technology, but it looks like the company isn't about to rest on its laurels, and it's now promising that a new OLED material it has developed will make future products even better and more OLED-y. The key to that material, dubbed EK-GD403, is its used of so-called "green dopant" technology which, when used in combination with Kodak's equally mysterious EK-BH109 OLED material, apparently allows for luminous efficiencies greater than 31 cd/A and lifetimes "in excess of 65,000 hours," among other OLED-improving measures. Of course, there's no indication just yet as to when that material may show up in some actual products but, from the sound of things, it doesn't seem like something that's years away.

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