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Philips reveals Bluetooth-enabled GoGear LUXE DAP

Darren Murph

Philips' GoGear line hasn't exactly sent us into uncontrollable fits of jubilation of late, but the latest DAP to fall under the aforesaid umbrella doesn't look half bad. Boasting a prism-like motif and integrated Bluetooth 2.1 functionality, this unit will actually pause your tunes and allow you to answer a call if your BT-enabled phone is nearby and paired up. It also features 10-hours of playback time and 100-hours in standby, and there's an FM tuner included in case you roll through 2GB of jams and just can't bear to hear any of them again. Word on the street has it that this bugger will surface in Singapore next month for around S$139 ($92), though other Asian countries should see it pop up shortly thereafter.

[Via PMPToday]

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