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Star Wars Galaxies looks to the future with Hoth, BioWare

Michael Zenke

The upcoming release of the Hoth Heroic Encounter for Star Wars Galaxies has been dominating the official site for the last few weeks. For a plethora of details on the new content, you need look no further than right here. They've got a great look at what 'secrets' players will able to delve into once the patch goes live. New collections, hidden locations, and a massive super-wampa are all in the offing. They also have a piece examining the new high-end loot you'll be able to obtain by successfully completing the encounter. Tokens found in the aftermath of the battle will be tradeable fro whatever piece of equipment a player might want. Plus! They have a fun rundown on the new additions to the holo-pet system, something every Creature Trainer is really going to enjoy.

Of course, there's been a lot of Star Wars-related news in the last week, and that's worth addressing too. LucasArts producer Jake Neri and online group senior director Tom Nichols sat down with IGN to explain the future of Galaxies as it relates to the newly announced Old Republic game from BioWare. As far as LucasArts is concerned, SWG and SWTOR can happily co-exist if everything goes as they want it to. Said Neri, "When we launch the game we'll see exactly what will happen. Nobody has a crystal ball. I think the games are clearly different enough that the market can support both of them together." For more details on Galaxies' vitality and capitalizing on movie moments, read into the full article.

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