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The Daily Grind: Can we solve problems intertwined with MMO economies?

James Egan

In-game economies can make MMOs more vibrant places to play, lending depth to these games that generally isn't found in regular PC or console titles. Then again, the perceived value attributed to virtual currency and items can lead to a slew of problems, not limited to acts of real world violence, the plague of gold spamming, and the slippery slope of ownership in the virtual space.

At least one company out there is working with MMO publishers to create a regulated secondary market, the hope being that it's possible to reclaim the black and grey market commerce so often attached to massively multiplayer titles. Do you think this approach is a viable solution to some of the problems associated with MMO economies? What are your ideas on how these issues intertwined with virtual currency and items should be resolved? Is there even a solution at all?

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