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World of Warcraft's Horde and Alliance fight it out in data sets

Michael Zenke

Sanya Weathers (who you may recognize from Massively Speaking Episode #25), continues the march to data-fueled enlightenment with her Market Trends column over at GamerDNA. She's been using the site's great player database to draw some conclusions about the overall World of Warcraft gaming populace. You may recall last week's discussion of WoW avatars based on their Bartle Type? Or perhaps (prior to that) how your Bartle choice influences your pick of a Warhammer class? Or their data-driven examination of the Warhammer Online launch?

This lastest article tackles World of Warcraft players with gusto, specifically looking at Horde vs. Alliance choices based on classes and real-world gender differentiation. The results are interesting if not earth-shattering. Fun facts:
  • There are still slightly more Shamans on the Horde-side than Alliance.
  • Warlocks are significantly more popular on the Horde side than the Alliance side.
  • Women are preferentially drawn to Druids and Hunters.
  • Women prefer Alliance characters to Horde, even over the general statisical preference for Alliance over Horde.
And of most import to the single male player out there, straight from Sanya Weathers: "The moral of this story, gentlemen, is that if you want to talk to a woman in game, find yourself an Alliance Druid. Half of them are actual females." Well worth a look.

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