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Zombies!!! board game to eat video game brains

Jason Dobson
It's time to get the shotgun out of the cupboard, as Twilight Creations announced plans to bring its popular tile-based board game, Zombies!!!, to Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network as well as Steam in 2009. The company describes these as the 'initial' platforms for the project, and we fully expect Zombies!!! to scuffle onto others should the creeping undead take hold.

Interestingly, the game is being handled by Wisconsin-based Big Rooster, the same Big Rooster that recently had another tabletop-to-video game translation, Talisman, canned by would be publisher Capcom. Here's hoping that Zombies!!! doesn't suffer a similar fate, or at the very least if it does it can drag itself up from the grave.

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