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Hop-on introduces HOP1890 ChitterChatter for seniors, simpletons

Darren Murph

It's pretty much impossible to take any press release from Hop-on seriously, and its latest one is a perfect example of why. In essence, it points out that the GSM-based HOP1890 ChitterChatter will operate on AT&T's multi-billion dollar 3G network, but from what we can tell, it won't actually be offered as a subsidized handset at AT&T locales. At any rate, this here handset is designed for the elderly or for folks who don't appreciate the most extravagant of extras, though it does boast GPS tracking, a "panic button," a concierge service to help you place calls / contact emergency personnel and even the ability to fax / e-mail your medical records on demand if something goes awry. There's no mention of price, but if we had to guess, we'd put it somewhere between "dirt cheap" and "just plain cheap."

[Via phonescoop]

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