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Branding overkill: Verizon's Omnia, Saga, Touch Pro, and Renown all pictured

Chris Ziegler

In case it wasn't already clear that the wireless industry was heading into a dark, cold winter of ridiculous product names, we present to you Verizon's latest batch: the Omnia, Saga, and Renown from Samsung, and the Touch Pro from HTC. Granted, the Touch Pro isn't ridiculous, and the Omnia we're sorta used to at this point, but as for these other two, we're not so sure. As we've mentioned, the Saga appears to be the go-to-market name for the rumored i770, and phoneArena now sports a nice, clear picture of exactly what the blue QWERTY WinMo phone with global roaming is going to look like. The u810 Renown will be the other piece in Verizon's global roaming puzzle, a flip with a 2-megapixel cam that had been previously pegged for a late-September release but has been pushed back for unknown reasons. The CDMA variant of the Omnia -- the i910 -- just popped onto our radar a couple weeks ago, and we now have official-looking photography of Verizon's WinMo-equipped jewel with a 5-megapixel camera, and 8GB of internal storage with microSD expansion. Finally, we suspect that throngs of Verizon loyalists are going to be thrilled to see a photo of a Big Red-branded Touch Pro, a phone that had been rumored to be coming to The Network for several months now with very little proof to show for it. All four of these monsters are currently slated for November, and with the holidays just around the corner, we bet Verizon would just love to hold to that plan.

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