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CrossOver allows MMO gameplay on Mac, free Tuesday only

James Egan

Most people don't pick up a Mac to use as their primary gaming machine, but for players of titles like World of Warcraft and EVE Online, the OS X client makes MMO gaming possible for them. But the majority of MMO clients are PC only, requiring Mac users to turn to Boot Camp and dual boot Windows XP or Vista. Another option open to MMO players who use Macs is CrossOver from Codeweavers, which allows virtualization of PC programs and games within OS X (and Linux), with no Windows license required.

Our friends over at TUAW came across a one-day price reduction on CrossOver... that price being 'free'. That's right, all of Codeweavers' products -- CrossOver Mac, CrossOver Games, and CrossOver Linux -- will be free on Tuesday, October 28, but only for that day. There's a bit of a story behind this, which you can read all about over at TUAW, who have all of the details and restrictions related to this offer. But for MMO gamers who are into their Macs, all you really need to know is that CrossOver will allow you to play quite a number of games, MMO and otherwise. Check out the full list of games supported, and get ready to download your free copy. Your 24-hour window to get CrossOver begins at midnight on Tuesday, October 28th. The CrossOver deal is a $40 license giveaway, limited to one license per person, and requires an Intel Mac running either Tiger or Leopard.

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