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Everything we know about Star Wars: The Old Republic

Michael Zenke

Last week was a big week for MMO fans. After years of waiting, rumors both for and against the concept of a BioWare/LucasArts MMO, and a level of secrecy normally only associated with military contract renewals, the two companies finally took the wraps off of Star Wars: The Old Republic. We know it'll be years yet before we're in-game, but it's been a lot of fun talking about what we can expect down the road here on Massively. Here, then, is everything we know about the game at this point in time. Click through to read some of our coverage, and keep your eyes out for future articles on the site about BioWare's in-development title. We've got a long way to go, MMO fans!
Massively and Joystiq liveblog the Star Wars / BioWare announcement!
You've waited. We've waited. The wait is over. Join and for a liveblog of the LucasArts / BioWare announcement below the cut! In the meantime, check out our post on the announcement from earlier today for more context on this momentous occasion
The Old Republic Unveiled: Overview, space combat, and Star Wars Galaxies
We have a high level overview to kick us off. Join us below the cut to get some insider information on why BioWare is making the game, the four pillars of BioWare storytelling, what little they can tell us about space combat and vehicles, and .. perhaps most interesting ... an affirmation of LucasArts' commitment to Star Wars Galaxies.
The Lore of Star Wars: The Old Republic
People who've seen the films but may not necessarily have played Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (KotOR) on PC or console, and especially those who haven't read the novels or various comic book lines released over the years. Read on, and we'll introduce you to the backdrop and factions of Star Wars: The Old Republic.
The Old Republic Unveiled: Classes, Jedi, and Crafting
While obviously we're no where near knowing what SWTOR's classes will be, we do have a few thoughts from the BioWare Austin heads about class-related issues. Join us as we find out some information on Jedis vs. non-Jedis, the fun of being a rogue, and the all important issue of crafting in the game.
The Old Republic Unveiled: Combat, PvP, and Heroics
We have the details about what they're hoping to do. Join us as we learn about the meaning of heroic, why being outnumbered is actually a good thing, and watch as we get told we can't know anything about PvP yet.

The Old Republic Unveiled: Setting, Sith, and Empire
A time of high ideals and blackest villains, of wars with real meaning and dreadful consequences. It's a fantastic place to set a story, and as part of our ongoing coverage of Star Wars: The Old Republic's unveiling we turn now to setting and lore. Join us as we get some info straight from the lead writer and studio heads about what we can expect in that Galaxy Far, Far Away ...
The Old Republic Unveiled: Companion Characters
In Star Wars: The Old Republic, BioWare is approaching solo play and storytelling in a unique way ... that should be wholly unsurprising for anyone that's played one of their titles before. They're leveraging their experiences with games like Mass Effect and Baldur's Gate to creat the most compelling NPC allies yet seen in the MMO space. Join us as we explore characters you'll learn to like, hate, and maybe even love.
Will SWTOR be bigger than WoW? LucasArts thinks so
While recent triple-A MMOs have shied away from a downright challenge to competing with World of Warcraft's behemoth subscription numbers, EA Games president Frank Gibeau and LucasArts' online chief Tom Nichols have come right out and said that Star Wars: The Old Republic has the potential to be bigger than WoW.
SOE responds to the announcement of Star Wars: The Old Republic
Join us as with sit down with Mr. Smedley to talk about SOE's commitment to that game, those players, and the future of the Star Wars IP in the MMO space.
The Old Republic Unveiled: Leveling, Sidekicking, and Questing
BioWare is looking to up the ante by providing that 'heroic' experience from level one on. Join us to talk about the importance of decision-making, the company's view on mentoring and multi-level parties, and the dangers of the 20 foot tall k'lor'slug!
The Old Republic Unveiled: Classed-based storytelling and tales of heroism
Join us to walk through comments from head writer Daniel Erickson about class-based storytelling, the importance of playing an evil character, and the goals of giving players the chance to be heroic ... together.
The Digital Continuum: Is the force strong with The Old Republic?
Lightsabers, Jedi and Sith; all things that come to mind the moment someone says Star Wars: The Old Republic. BioWare probably pops up into most of our minds as well. It hasn't even been a week yet, but I'm already starting to see the potential greatness lying within BioWare's Austin, Texax studio's walls.
How will factions and PvP work in Star Wars: The Old Republic?
We're big fans of the idea -- more moral complexity is welcome (especially in the Star Wars setting, which tends to quite literally be black and white), but it raises some interesting gameplay questions, particularly with regards to PvP -- questions we're eager to raise!
Star Wars: The Old Republic goes Web 2.0
It's never been easier for an MMO to promote itself with the growing prevalence of social networking plaforms. Star Wars: The Old Republic, only officially announced this week, has already established a following on Facebook. It's also on the usual suspect MySpace, and you can follow BioWare's frequent Twitter updates on the game. Star Wars: The Old Republic also has a Flickr photostream up and running.
Check out the Star Wars: The Old Republic wiki
Just like with any highly-anticipated MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic now has an unofficial wiki for fans to go and obsess over during the multiple years' wait for the BioWare KotOR-based MMO to be released.
Introducing The Old Republic community team!
Robert "Jedi Rob" Chestney, a former member of the design team and a senior writer, Amy Crider, a new addition to BioWare but experienced in the game industry, and Sean Dahlberg, a veteran of the community management scene and a former U.S. Marine.
Screenshots and Art from Star Wars: The Old Republic
We've collected all the wallpapers, screenshots, and concept art from the Old Republic and dropped all of it into three holocrons... er... galleries just for you!

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