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Help Engadget Energize Education in the 2008 DonorsChoose Blogger Challenge


Last year Engadget -- and its good looking, smart, talented readers -- took a break from the PC and Mac wars and endless discussion of which Linux distro rules the roost to put some cash towards a good cause: DonorsChoose, a fund-raising group dedicated to making kids' education needs a reality.

Here's how it works -- we've picked a handful of technology related causes that all need funding to get off the ground. You simply decide how much you want to give and which charity appeals to you, and the money goes directly to one or more programs that will impact high-need public schools. Still feel the desire for a little healthy competition? You can track our progress against other like-minded sites on the Blogger Challenge leaderboard, so you get to do something good for kids and shout "PWNED!"

You have until October 31st to make a donation -- either by clicking here, using the widget after the break, or by following the Read link -- and we sincerely hope that you'll consider helping out these projects that really do have a chance of giving kids a better future. Also, "PWNED!"

Update: C'mon guys, we know that times are tight, but these kids need a little help. We're fairly confident that the readers of Engadget are as generous and warm-hearted as we keep telling people they are... don't make us look like liars.

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