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Home in 'internal testing,' out 'this year'

Majed Athab

While the original date for moving into Home was "autumn 2008," it looks like the digital living space isn't ready to occupy just yet. Home community manager "TedtheDog" tagged the service with a "this year" release frame, responding to posters in the official European PlayStation forums.

Ted said Home v1.0 is currently in "internal testing and will hit the closed beta in the coming weeks." This means, freshly-invited Qore readers will probably get a taste of v1.0. "1.0 is a major milestone on our journey but it is not the destination," continued Ted. The closed beta will continue into early November and sometime later an open beta will occur. Hopefully Sony can roll out Home before Christmas; otherwise, a lot of PlayStation fans will have to deal without shelter during the cold winter -- a very cold winter.

[Via CVG]

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