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Interstellar Marines is still alive, still a mystery


In a recent edition of Ask X3F, a reader asked us about the current status of Interstellar Marines, a game that was revealed way back in 2006. Very little has be heard about the game since but now, thanks to Playstation Underground, we have a small update on the game. The emphasis is on small though, as essentially all PSU learned was that Interstellar Marines is definitely still in production, but its creator, Zero Point Software, revealed no new details. A representative did say that the company does plan to "reach out" to the community at large "as soon as [it] can," though she added that she couldn't say just how soon that would be. Interstellar Marines, for those unfamiliar with the game, offers a mix of cooperative tactical shooting and character development in the style of an RPG. We've embedded the 2006 debut trailer after the break.

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