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Massively's exclusive tour of Hi-Rez Studios and Global Agenda

Shawn Schuster

Last week, we did a story on the growing game development scene in Georgia, and how government tax incentives have worked to get more digital entertainment companies into the state. Georgia's legislators understand that gaming is an important part of a global economic future, and they're getting their foot in the door early. As part of this story, we visited Hi-Rez Studios, located near the state's capital and largest city of Atlanta. Not only did we tour the studio and talk about their reasons for setting up shop in Atlanta, but we also got some hands-on time with their upcoming "spy-fi" MMO, Global Agenda.

This article will cover the company's prominent involvement with the Atlanta area's gaming scene, a bit of a background into the studio itself and most importantly, a look into their new MMO. Follow along by clicking the navigation link below, and don't forget to check out the Global Agenda gallery for the latest screenshots from the game and photos of the studio.

Gallery: Hi-Rez Studios and Global Agenda Gallery | 66 Photos

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