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More Windows 7 details emerge ahead of PDC


We should be getting a much bigger dose of Windows 7 details on Tuesday when Microsoft's Professional Developers Conference gets underway, but it seems that some tidbits just can't be kept under wraps, and ZDNet's Mary-Jo Foley now has word of a few more features that are apparently in the forthcoming Windows 7 pre-beta. Chief among those is a so-called Device Stage, which promises to let users more easily interact with a whole range of different devices -- assuming those devices are "Device Stage-enabled' devices, that is (yes, really). Other features supposedly in store include an Action Center that promises to help you troubleshoot problems, a new animation framework to allow for custom animations (which should tie in nicely with the rumored GPU acceleration), tighter integration of the Windows taskbar, an expanded use of Microsoft's so-called "ribbon" interface and, of course, plenty of multi-touch and gesture support.

[Via Electronista]

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