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Resistance 2 ARG website is back!

Majed Athab

America First, America Only lives on. The Resistance 2 ARG website is now back in order after we all thought the Alliance was put out for good. We received a TELECORRESPONDENCE (e-mail would have just sufficed) notifying us of the return, though we currently don't know what's new over there -- it's been awhile. Maybe you could find out all the new tidbits, eh? Check after the break for the full e-mail transcription.


T - E - L - E - C - O - R - R - E - S - P - O - N - D - E - N - C - E

To all vigilant U.S. citizens,
America is at a bloody crossroads. Millions of our brothers, sisters, sons and daughters have perished because of a greedy, corrupt government. They did nothing to defend us from the alien warlords that now ravage our beloved soil. It's their fault, but it's our problem.

Despite the rumors you may have heard, the Alliance has survived. Our offices were decimated, our ranks diminished, but nothing could ever crush our rebel spirit. We were driven underground but, just like a feral beast, we are strongest when we're backed into a corner and threatened with certain death. That time has come – we need to act now.

Join the fight to save our country and remember...

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