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T-Mobile UK chats up Androids apps available on G1 launch day, October 30

Chris Ziegler

The G1 launches on T-Mobile UK in just three short (yet excruciating) days, and in an effort to work the hype into a fine, creamy lather, the carrier has drafted a press release talking about all the exciting apps that'll be available from the Market on day one. T-Mobile says that some 50 apps will be ready and waiting to download from the moment customers pick up their phones and tear open the packaging, but here's our question: how are they coordinating this? The Market isn't a T-Mobile effort, but a Google one -- so we're not too sure how (or even if) the magenta-clad company has any actual control over what's going on. More likely, they're just trying to ride on the coattails of the developers who've busted their rumps to get some free apps posted in these first few weeks of the G1's commercial availability -- not to say there's anything wrong with that. Speaking of free, the G1 will go for free in the British Isles on a £40 (about $63) plan. Don't suppose the division over in the colonies would care to follow suit on that?

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