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The bosses of the Scourge Invasion

Alex Ziebart

In the chaos of the plague and looming ziggurats, a portion of the overall invasion has been overlooked. Tenris Mirkblood of Karazhan isn't the only limited edition boss during this invasion, and not all of the content is exclusively for top level players. There are unique bosses with unique loot for players of all levels, starting from your early 20s right on to level 70.

Whether you're leveling your first character or you're leveling you umpteenth alt, the Scourge Invasion has something for you to do. You get to do it away from all of the chaos, too. Round up some appropriately leveled friends and fill out a group to tackle these bosses, or find a kind-hearted level 70 looking for something to do, and knock these guys out! Behind the link below you'll find a list of each of the bosses, as well as a quick guide for each one of them.

Each of these guides is written under the expectation that you might be a new player just doing some of these dungeons for the first time, in a level appropriate group. If you're an experienced player, especially someone that's level 70, a lot of the details won't be so important to you. If you're a 70, you're probably set to go as soon as you see where the bosses can be found. None of them will pose much of a threat to you.

To those of you who are low level and are tired of the zombie nonsense, here you go! Enjoy! Round up some friends and knock some heads around the world. Good luck!

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