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11% of gamers have unopened games, survey shows


Gamasutra has the results of a survey conducted by The NPD Group (better known for tracking game sales) that, among other things, includes a curious factoid: 11% of gamers own unopened games. We say "curious" because, as any gamer can attest to, it's not unusual to develop a "backlog" of games – then there's the collector factor.

Although this survey was of 562 gamers who purchased games in the past six months, there's no saying whether the 11% of cited shrink-wrap defenders didn't just find a rare gem at their local shop. Of course, we're also not ruling out that the sample group included 50 or so people who simply don't know how to get the cellophane off in the first place.

Do you have any games you still haven't cracked open lying around? If so, why?

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