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Consider the turn-based MMO with Atlantica Online

Shawn Schuster

There are turn-based games, and then there are MMOs. The idea of mixing the two doesn't seem like the greatest of ideas, does it? Turn-based combat would take away from the high-action immersive fighting that we've become accustomed to through our favorite online games. This is most evident in the recent popularity of FPS-style MMOs. Yet, despite this, the RPG side of MMOs began with turn-based strategy.

Over at, Atlantica Online's Producer, Kim Tae Gon, explains the reasoning behind the decision to make this highly-popular game turn-based. Going back to the fundamentals of games like chess, Kim Tae Gon believes that this type of game mechanic is more approachable for a larger audience, especially considering the popularity of games like chess across the world. "With casual games and FPS games well established, it's time for something new, like turn-based games. I honestly hope Atlantica will be the starting point."

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