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Fable 2 slays Far Cry 2 in UK sales charts

Ross Miller

More appropriately, we should probably say, "Fable 2 slayed Far Cry 2, then farted on it, did a heroic pose for the crowd, brought it a shoddy necklace, bought it a house to live in and invited it to unprotected group sex with three random villagers." Peter Molyneux's farcical epic debuted at the top of Chart-Track's UK sales chart, followed by Ubisoft's African-based shooter at number two. Can somebody get Pete a tissue?

Other fun facts about Fable 2's launch:
  • It was Microsoft's first All Formats #1 since Halo 3.
  • It outsold the first Fable's launch by a margin of 3.8 to 1
  • It was the 5th fastest selling Xbox 360 game in the UK, behind Grand Theft Auto IV, Halo 3, FIFA 09 and Call of Duty 4.
European's virtual football sensation FIFA09 dropped down to number three, followed by Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 and Saints Row 2. Full top ten list after the break.

  1. Fable II
  2. Far Cry II
  3. FIFA 09
  4. Pro Evolution Soccer 2009
  5. Saints Row 2
  6. Dead Space
  7. Lego Batman
  8. Wii Fit
  9. Mario Kart Wii
  10. Midnight Club: Los Angeles

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