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Global TV pricing sinks 22% year-over-year in September

Darren Murph

Those price drops you've been noticing are more than a figment of your imagination. In fact, they're very, very real. According to hot-off-the-press research from DisplaySearch, global TV internet pricing for TVs declined 22% on average this September compared to a year ago. More specifically, plasma prices sank (on average) 27%, while CRT stickers actually rose 4%. When looking at the all-important LCD TV category, we're told that prices in Europe declined the most at 30%, while China, North America and Japan were down 20 percent, 16 percent and 4 percent, respectively. Also of note, it was the big screen sets plummeting the most, as 52-inch LCD TVs sank nearly 30% year-over-year while 20-inch LCD TVs dropped just 4%. Oh, and we'd totally expect to see things head further south exactly one month from today -- at least in America.

[Via CNET, image courtesy of DayLife]

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