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Major Tabula Rasa event only days away?

Adrian Bott

According to an in-character communique from Tabula Rasa postergirl Sarah Morrison, something big is about to hit the proverbial fan. The implication is that a large-scale Bane attack is coming, and scuttlebutt among the game's players suggests that General British himself may make an appearance:

'Increasing Bane activity has been detected across Foreas and Arieki over the past few days. [...] seeking to get as much intel as possible to explain this and have managed to intercept a message between what we believe to be one of their primary Tactical Operations Centers and one of their motherships [...] hard at work trying to decipher the entirety of the message [...] contained information on a possible large scale assault scheduled to take place in approximately 9 days. [...] is probably the last message I am able to send through this channel. It has become increasingly difficult to [...]. Hopefully the bulk of this message will reach you.'

The date of the event, November 2nd, should be familiar to Tabula Rasa players as the day the game went live, almost a year ago. It's also the anniversary of Massively - good heavens, hasn't the time flown?

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