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MvixBOX media server: 2TB of web-enabled, media streaming goodness


It looks like Mvix USA, a company known for their media streamers, has really pulled out all the stops with their new NAS. The MvixBOX has two drive bays (1.5TB SATA HDDs not included), Windows file sharing, an RSS client, a Bit Torrent client, telnet and secure SMTP. If that isn't enough, it's also an FTP server, an Apache web server (with MySQL, SQlife and PHP pre-installed) and features Mvix's RapidBox functionality (their version of RapidShare file hosting). This all might be a bit much for the typical consumer, but for the small business (or hardcore torrent-head) the device could replace an entire server. Just expect a sharp decline in productivity when your SQL programmer realizes he can watch Battlestar Galactica on the thing.

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