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One Shots: More loot than they bargained for

When we saw this particular screenshot come in to the One Shots mailbox, we had to stop and stare for a moment just to figure out what precisely was going on here. This rather ridiculously timed World of Warcraft One Shots came in to us from Stockadin, one of a very silly Paladin pair from the guild Aggro Sapiens on the Hellscream server. Stockadin let us know that "this was actually done on accident with me goofin' off. But once my friend looted the chest and i noticed the position, I told him not to move. Too funny -- and perfect." We're just glad we'd finished our coffee before we opened the mail.

Have you had an... interesting bit of graphical silliness happen to you in game? Screenshots like this deserve to be shared; not wasting away alone and unlaughed-at in your screenshot folder. Grab your best (or would that be worst?) and send them to us here at oneshots AT massively DOT com, along with your name, server, and a quick description. We'll share them with the rest of our readers and give you the credit for bringing the funny.

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