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The Daily Grind: Are you a one-game gamer?

Adrian Bott

Not so long ago, Mark Jacobs made a comment that got several of you riled: 'Any comment along the lines of 'well if they're in my game they're not playing in another game,' flies in the face of all research that's been done among MMO players... The idea that you only play one is really kind of silly.' Mark was of course referring to the idea that if someone stopped playing WoW they were playing WAR, and if they started playing WoW again they must have stopped playing WAR.

While there is obviously no law that says you must play only one fantasy game or SF game, we did wonder just how 'silly' it is to expect gamers to pick one game and prioritize that. Not everyone has the resources, or the time, or the inclination to keep multiple MMOs on the go. For many gamers, it is an issue of having one primary MMO to which they devote their time.

Are you one of these? Do you have one main MMO that takes up most of your gaming time? Or do you spread your time around over multiple titles?

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