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'Everybody's Theater' brings downloadable TV to Japanese Wiis


Most Japan-exclusive WiiWare isn't really all that interesting, or is more interesting as a curiosity to read about than as a game to download: it's stuff like shogi games and children's storybooks. But Fujisoft's Minna no Theater Wii (Everybody's Theater Wii) is something whose near-zero probability of US release actually makes us sad.

Minna no Theater Wii enables Japanese Wii owners to stream movies, TV dramas, and anime through their Wii. The software costs 500 Wii Points to download, which is kind of ridiculous, and then pay extra for each show. But if the featured shows are even remotely as interesting as Ulecky, the animate projector Fujisoft uses as the mascot, the service will be well worth it. We'll find out more details in December, at the latest, when the service launches.

[Via Siliconera]

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