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GHWT drum tuning app coming soon, ION Drum Rocker patch now live

Ross Miller

In addition to announcing new track packs, Neversoft has issued a trio of updates concerning the Guitar Hero World Tour drumset. First off, those who have been experiencing sensitivity issues with the set will be happy to know that the developer will be releasing a drum controller tuning kit for Windows "very soon," so users can self-tune their skins at home. Neversoft also recommends that if you're currently having issues, you should contact Activision customer support.

For Xbox 360 owners, the ION Drum Rocker compatibility patch should now be available for download. As for PlayStation 3 owners still waiting on the promised GHWT drum compatibility with Rock Band 2, Neversoft said it's all up to Harmonix to release an update for the game. We'll poke them again to see if we can get an ETA on that patch.

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