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Heavy Metal live event brings two new careers to Warhammer Online

Adrian Bott

Much sooner than many were expecting, two new careers - the Knight of the Blazing Sun and the Black Guard - are to be introduced to Warhammer Online. Rather than just slip them in with a patch, Mythic is making a festival of the event. The classes won't be available to everyone at first; instead, by completing certain tasks, players will be able to unlock them early.

From November 17th when the event launches, a new tab in the Tome of Knowledge will take players to the Live Events page. There will be a new daily task placed on the page each day, and completing those tasks earns influence, public quest style; the ultimate prize, which will require a login and task completion each day, will be the ability to play the new classes a week before general release.
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The event doesn't stop there: there's also an exclusive scenario, Reikland Factory, opening up to players while the event lasts. Set in a steam tank factory, it will involve players battling for control of different areas and will be open to players of all tiers and levels, though it won't contribute to the overall campaign. Players can also earn 10% extra Renown by taking part in Reikland Factory.

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