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Nyko Media Hub works as expected


This is quite possibly the least surprising hardware review we've ever done. The Nyko Media Hub, available for about $20 at retailers, does exactly what it says it will do: provide additional USB ports on the PS3. This is perfect for those with recent PS3 configurations, which only feature 2 (as opposed to 4) USB ports. It may not be a big deal for many, but those that play games that require a lot of wireless peripherals, such as Rock Band or Guitar Hero may find themselves short on ports.

It shouldn't be surprising that the device works instantly. There's no indicator light to show that it's working: you just plug it in and voila. The included memory card reader is a nice plus.

The small design of the Media Hub makes it so that it doesn't stand out too much on your system. However, $20 for two additional USB ports does seem a bit pricey. This is certainly a limited appeal product, one you wouldn't be rushing out to buy. If you do decide to pick one up, at least you can be confident knowing it will work exactly as you think it will.

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