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The Beatles in Rock Band; MTV & Apple Corps tease 'unprecedented project' [update]


Apple Corps Ltd., the company founded by The Beatles to administer the band's music catalog, and MTV today teased "an exclusive agreement to develop a global music project." The two camps are scheduled to make an official announcement tomorrow, Thursday, October 30th at 10 am ET (2 pm in the UK). No further details have been presented, save for tomorrow's, uh, presenters: Apple Corps CEO Jeff Jones, MTV CEO Judy McGrath and President of MTV Networks Van Toffler.

Our highly tuned power of intuition tells us MTV has landed a deal to get The Beatles in Rock Band, either as a standalone product (à la the AC/DC Track Pack) or as DLC -- heck, why not both? In June, reported that MTV and Activision were both dangling bags of money before Apple Corps for The Beatles rights. Guess who had the bigger bag?

Update: The Wall Street Journal's sources say it's true: "The Beatles have licensed songs to MTV Networks' Rock Band video game series." Details mañana.

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