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    Samsung NC10 reviewed, trumps competition with 7 hour battery life

    Tim Stevens

    Thus far word on the street about Samsung's NC10 has been good, but not exactly enough to distance it from the crowd. Laptop Magazine's full review of a Korean unit, however, found it to be exemplary, calling it "the most well-rounded 10-inch netbook on the market." The netbook earned high marks thanks to a bright screen, comfortable keyboard, and amazing battery life of 7:34 with WiFi turned on. (That's a bit suspect, though, as on a repeated test with screen brightness raised to 100 percent only 4:48 passed before it all went dark -- another re-test at 50 percent is promised.) The only real complaints were a somewhat dainty touchpad and mediocre disk performance. Sadly no benchmarks were given to indicate how the thing performs against phlegmy fingers, so you'll just have to test that for yourself this flu season.

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