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Taxpayer-funded CBC spends $24 million on HD broadcasting trucks

Darren Murph

Rest assured, Canadians -- your tax dollars are hard at work. So long as you consider the delivery of more HD hockey "work," that is. Believe it or not, the taxpayer-funded CBC has thrown down nearly $24 million on a pair of broadcasting trucks "so it can show hockey games and cultural events in high-definition." According to CBC spokesman Jeff Keay, it decided to purchase them because doing so provided "better value for the taxpayers" given that it would "cost more to lease them." Granted, it does cost around $55,000 total to broadcast a hockey matchup in high-def, but still, $24 million is a lot of cheese. Ah well, one more reason to buy into HD, right? Wait, you sort of already have if you're Canadian...

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